Michael Radeck as trainger & speaker

The following image shows a making of photo from a masterclass workshop at HFF - filmschool munich together with DOP Philippe Ros and Michael Radeck, Co-Trainer was Charles Poynton. Image made by Charles  Poynton.

This shows Michael Radeck at "Beyond HandsOnHD"  - with the "monitoring - lecture" where all participants had to be part of it. HandsOnHD and later all HandsOnXk Workshops had combined camera and postproduction and colorgrading classes. Michael Radeck was over 13 years "Head of Postproduction" at this workshops and main lecturer for postproduction & colorgrading. He designed also the postproduction setup and workflows for this workshop which had up to 300 participants in one week. So the postproduction had up to 20 workstations, up to 3 grading suites and up to 200 TB network storage like AVIDs ISIS/Interplay. Michael Radeck is also certified AVID Trainer & ACSR (avid certified support representative) and certified Adobe Trainer.

Explaining diferences and between display technologies and feature sets builds fundamental knowledge that is essential for camerawork as well postprpoduction

HandsOnXk at HFF Munich 2015 - postproduction masterclass workshop "what you see is not what you get" - lecturer Michael Radeck
HOXK lecturer Michael Radeck

different reference displays with different quality and luminescence
HandsOnXk 2015 - Michael Radeck 4 displays compare

this image shows the problem with human perception called "detail blur" based on too low motion resolution by the display. "detail blur" has nothing to do with "motion blur" the problem is a result by image processing in the brain. The problem can be solved by simple black frame insertion. Even the latest dolby cinema projectors uses "black frame insertion" for better and sharper images, what is mandatory for good 3d-stereo perception. Many reference displays uses also black frame insertion. Consumer UHDTV or HDTV uses "motion frame creation" up to 3000 fps to prevent this problem.
Michael Radeck explains problems with human perception

from HandOnHD2012: michael radeck as head of postproduction discussing together with the trainer & colorgrader dirk meier and dop phillipe ros 
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